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Protective Style Combo

Protective Style Combo

Boost your length and moisture retention while in a protective style with the tried and tested L.O.C method.

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Let's get into the combo details.

What's in the combo?

Say goodbye to dryness and hello to beautifully moisturized and protected hair.

This combo contains 3 essential products that nourish your hair in protective styles:
1. Moisture King Hair Mist
2. Growth Magic Hair and Scalp Oil
3. Curls Delight Hair Cream

How to Use

The L.O.C method is a step-by-step layering of products to maximize moisture retention, leaving hair soft and moisturized for days.

Start with L - Liquid (Moisture King Hair Mist)

Follow with O - Oil (Growth Magic Hair and Scalp Oil)

Seal in all the moisture and nutrients with C - Cream (Curls Delight Hair Cream)