The Perfect Holiday Shopping Guide for Christmas and New Year

The Perfect Holiday Shopping Guide for Christmas and New Year

The holiday season has arrived, bringing with it a special kind of joy and the warmth of gift-giving. But let's face it, it's easy to get lost in the maze of options, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts and getting the best deals when stocking up on personal care products for the new year. That’s why we have created this guide.

We've curated distinct packages to cater to different needs, ensuring that your holiday shopping journey is not just merry but also hassle-free. So, buckle up, dive into the guide, and let the festive shopping begin!


1. Travel-Holic Shopping Guide:

If you plan to travel for the holidays and beyond, we recognize the importance of compact and effective products so we've crafted a special guide tailored to your skincare and haircare needs. 

The Shanyi Beauty Berry Burst Combo is a comprehensive set of skincare products that pampers your skin from the inside out and protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions. The set contains a face wash, a hydrating essence, an enzyme face masque, and a nourishing face cream. So you can trust that your skin stays vibrant and healthy, even on the go. 

To make sure your curls stay popping wherever you are, we have the travel-sized Pamper Thy Mane Combo. These conveniently sized products guarantee that your hair remains as luscious and well-cared-for during your adventures as it does at home. The set contains a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, daily hair mist, scalp oil and hair cream.

Getting the Berry Burst and travel-sized Pamper Thy Mane Combos together would cost N63,900 but with our ongoing end-of-the-year sale, you’ll get a sweet 20% discount, bringing the price down to N51,120. Don’t pass this up!

That's not all though. For those with little ones tagging along, our Diaper Bag Travel Kit is a lifesaver. Sized for practicality, this kit ensures that the essentials for your baby's care are always at your fingertips, neatly packed for the journey.

With the addition of the Diaper Bag Travel Kit, the price goes from N76,400 to N61,120. That’s like buying the Berry Burst and travel-sized Pamper Thy Mane Combos and getting the Diaper Bag Travel Kit for free plus change.

Take advantage of our ongoing sale – the more you shop, the more you save. Now is the time to indulge in these travel-friendly solutions and enjoy the benefits they bring to your holiday escapades. Whether you’re a solo explorer or a family on the move, Shanyi has you covered. Happy travels!


2. Students on a Budget:

We get that being a student often means stretching every Naira. That's why we've curated a budget-friendly hair and skincare shopping list just for you. In the world of student life, every kobo counts.

For your haircare, consider the travel sizes of the Wash Day Combo. This set contains a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and, scalp oil. Basically, everything you need to keep your hair healthy and growing. 

Then there’s the Berry Burst Combo. Being a student can be stressful and that can affect your skin but the products in the Berry Burst combo give your skin the support and protection it needs to stay healthy and plump as you go through school. 

And here's the kicker – during our ongoing sale, these already affordable products become even more budget-friendly. Together, they cost N61,500 but with our sale, you get 20% off! That brings the price down to N49,200. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up for your next semester.  


3. For the Whole Family:

Families are the heartbeat of the holidays, and we've designed a bundle that resonates with the rhythm of togetherness. Imagine one bundle that takes care of the whole family's hair and skincare needs – amazing, right?

Introducing our Family-Friendly Bundle, featuring jumbo sizes of the Pamper Thy Mane Combo for the whole family’s haircare needs, Luxe Body Trio for bath and body care, and the Pure Baby Bundle for the little one’s delicate skin. It's a wholesome package, ensuring everyone from the littlest to the oldest gets the care they deserve.


Now, here's the best part – a whopping 25% discount is waiting for you during our ongoing sale. The total price of the package is N108,200  and with the discount, it drops to just N81,150! How amazing is that? It's our gift to your family, making sure everyone feels the love and care this holiday season. Because when the family is happy, the holidays are truly joyful. Happy shopping!


4. Christmas Gift to Loved Ones:

It’s the season of giving and honestly, finding meaningful gifts seems to get harder every year. This year though, we have something that will make Christmas special again. Break away from the usual holiday hampers and consider a gift that speaks volumes. 

Enter the Advent Calendar. This isn't just a collection of products; it's a curated experience. Imagine the joy of unwrapping a new surprise every day, each item carefully chosen to add a touch of magic to the festive season. 

It contains 12 different surprises that cut across all aspects of personal care. You can get it for your friend, boss, parent, sweetheart, and even your landlord (if they’ve been nice lol). 


5. For a New Mom and Her Baby:

The magic of the holidays becomes even more enchanting when there's a new bundle of joy in the family. For expecting moms or those with newborns, our Welcome Baby Gift Set is a bundle of essentials that make the early days of motherhood a bit more magical. 

From a gentle baby wash to a soothing bath soak for the mama, every product is created with the comfort and well-being of both mom and baby in mind. Gifting this set is a gesture that says, "I care about you." To make this joyous occasion even more special, there's a 15% discount waiting for you if you shop now. So you can get the set for N45,475 instead of N53,500

So why wait? Every baby deserves a warm welcome, and every mom deserves a little extra care. Shop the Welcome Baby Gift Set now and be part of the joy!


As we wrap up this festive guide, we've embarked on a journey through a world of thoughtful gifts and essential bundles. The ongoing sale adds a sprinkle of holiday magic, with potential savings that make the season even brighter. So, dear reader, with a sleigh full of options and discounts waiting, why not explore our website and make this festive season one to remember? 

Don't miss out on the joy of giving and saving. Head to our website now, explore the festive deals and make this holiday season one to remember. Happy shopping 🎁✨.

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