Shanyi Brands Creates The First-Ever Advent Calendar In Nigeria

Shanyi Brands Creates The First-Ever Advent Calendar In Nigeria

Throughout many countries, the advent calendar is a beloved tradition that brings joy and excitement to the holidays. It is an eagerly anticipated countdown to Christmas, marked by daily surprises, making every day feel like a small celebration. This year, Shanyi Brands is pleased to launch the first-ever advent calendar in the Nigerian beauty industry. 

At Shanyi Brands, we aspire not only to meet industry norms but to redefine and elevate these standards, ensuring our customers experience the very best the beauty industry has to offer. With the launch of the Shanyi Advent Calendar, we are giving our customers a unique experience that they just can’t find anywhere else in Nigeria.

The Shanyi Brands Advent Calendar

In our pursuit of innovative offerings, we've ensured that the Shanyi Brands Advent Calendar is a fusion of festive tradition and excellent personal care products. Our approach to creating this calendar was meticulously detailed, ensuring each day reveals a unique, never-before-seen product that signifies our commitment to originality.

Limited to just 25 boxes, this exclusive advent calendar is also a symbol of exclusivity and rarity. Each box is a testament to our mission – to deliver excellence, creativity, and innovation.

The lucky recipients of our Advent Calendar won't just be counting down the days; they'll be unwrapping moments of joy, surprises, and unparalleled quality synonymous with Shanyi Brands.

To unbox the Shanyi Brands' Advent Calendar, start by finding box number 12 on December 14th and open it. Then, continue opening one box each day, following the numbers in descending order until you reach box number 1 on December 25th, Christmas day. Each box holds a delightful surprise, making the countdown to Christmas even more exciting. Enjoy the anticipation and savor a new treat or product every day!


What’s in The Shanyi Brands Advent Calendar

In the Shanyi Brands' Advent Calendar, there's a collection of surprises waiting for you to explore. From haircare essentials and skincare must-haves to home care and aesthetic pieces, all of which you've never seen before, the calendar is an ensemble that represents elegance, quality, and Shanyi's commitment to innovation.

The content of the advent calendar include:

All-Purpose Cleansing Spray, Minty Pout Lip Balm, Silky Spice Salva-dor, Nerve Cracker Bath Soak, Hydra Boost Body Serum, Tangle-Free Hair Jelly, Earth on da Beet Mask, Odor-Shield Soothing Deodorant, Glow Getter Liquid Lava, Hand Wash & Lotion Duo, Glow-Rious Cleansing Paste, Bubble Candle.


Every product listed is entirely new, formulated exclusively for the advent calendar. The products echo Shanyi's values by incorporating clean ingredients, high-quality formulations, and the dedication to offer our customers an experience that transcends convention. 

Seize the opportunity to pre-order this exclusive Advent Calendar and be among the few to experience its extraordinary contents and the unique unboxing experience that comes with it. Only 25 boxes were created so now is the best time to get yours! 

About Shanyi Brands

Shanyi Brands is a Nigerian beauty brand that is taking pioneer strides in reshaping the beauty and personal care landscape. Our dedication to setting new standards is at the heart of everything we do. It's not just a promise; it's our way of putting you, our valued customers, first.

We believe in using clean, quality ingredients when crafting our products. It's the very foundation of our work. We don't settle for industry standards; we aim to go beyond, offering personal care products that are safe, effective and mindfully created. Our mission is to redefine and raise the bar, ensuring you get the best in beauty.

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