Here comes the last story in this series! 5 stories of 5 STRONG mamas who went through cesarean section and chose to share their story with us.

Today's story is quite detailed, we hope this series has really helped you to gain perspective and awareness about C-Section.

We have Mercy Ogundeko share with us in details her experience with not one but 2 Cesarean section experiences. Enjoy the read and don't forget to share with a Mom to be.

Qus 1. What is your ideal birth plan, and why?

I sincerely didn't really have any 'ideal' birth plan. I was just going to go with the flow as things unfold. One thing was sure in the end, by God Grace I'd have my baby and would be fine too.

Qus 2. Can you describe your experience with having a C-section?

I have had 2 C-Section births. The first was quite traumatic from the get-go, maybe because I knew when the doctor was about to start cutting and that was because I heard him say loud and clear 'pass me the knife Ÿ©😩

In my mind, I'm like, pass which knife to be used on whooo? Am I just about to be slaughtered??? Phewww!! Then the procedure started, omo it was crazy. It felt like I was floating somewhere in space, neither fully here nor there. I could faintly hear the doctors and nurses go about their business but I also felt like I was far away somewhere. Ÿ˜…

Baby was finally out and it was time to close me up. Hmmm. I felt every pain from closing up. It felt like hot iron was passed over my tummy, like something laser. I really felt the pain. Interestingly, my healing was quite fast. Didn't have to go back for constant clean ups.

The opposite was the case for my second birth. The procedure this time was sweet. Goshh!!! Ÿ…😅 It was a different hospital and I had told my doctor of my traumatic experience with my first, especially the part when I heard the 'pass me the knife.' He took note of that and was more professional.

I didn't know when he started because he didn't obviously say it out loud. I was fully conscious that I was even interacting with the doctors and nurses plus my husband who was watching. Oh yess, I felt very nauseous and threw up at some point immediately after the anaesthesia. But that was it! Sadly, my healing was more painful this time. I think the incision site took a little longer to fully heal. Had to keep going back for clean ups which I found extremely uncomfortable and painful. But in all, here we are, better and stronger like it never happened!Ÿ˜Š😊

Qus 3. Did you have any concerns or fear before the procedure?

No fear or concern with my second. With my first, I definitely had some fears when I was told I'll need to do a C-section.

Qus 4. How did you prepare for the C-section, both physically and emotionally?

So, after I was told it would be a CS, I began to do some research about it, spoke with a friend, who calmed me and encouraged me to get to the point where I'm at peace with the decision, and just go for it! My husband was also right there literally cheering me on, both before and during the procedure. On the D-day we got set, got our power playlist ready, told key family members, and off we went!

Qus 5. How did you feel during the procedure?

I think I already spilled the tea in no. 2.Ÿ…😅 With my first, I was tensed, while with the second, it was really alright. Except for having to compulsorily lay in a position for nearly 2 days, then not eating proper food. That was really inconveniencing.

Qus 6. How was your recovery process following the C-section?

Spilled all the tea too.Ÿ˜ƒ I just had to stick to the rules of no laughing, no coughing, else the stitches would tear.😅

Qus 7. Were there any unexpected challenges during your recovery?

Nope. None at all.

Qus 8. How did you manage any pain or discomfort after the procedure?

I managed oooo. Including walking bent for a while because of the pain.

Qus 9. What products help you with CS recovery?

Pure baby and mama soothing balm really helped me massage the site. I always massaged the area with it when it felt itchy or sore and I'd feel better afterwards.

Qus 10. Do you feel supported during your recovery by your healthcare providers and loved ones?

Yes, I enjoyed a lot of support from my family.

Qus 11. How has your experience with having a C-section impacted your life?

Well, it just made me appreciate the task of child birth that God has entrusted women with. I mean, thinking of the pain women just have to endure to birth a child! And I'm thankful for the option of a CS. It is truly a gift, else a lot of women will be dying unnecessarily and babies lost too!

Qus 12. Do you feel intimidated about this procedure, or do you feel like a proud mom?

Hehehe. Intimidated ke! I am a proud CS mom. I adore my scar, although the scar is even gradually fading already.Ÿ˜ƒ

Qus 13. Do you have any advice for other women having a C-section?

Be open-minded. It helps. Don't already start saying I don't want to do a CS o, I pray I don't have to do a CS o. Imagine if there was nothing like CS and for whatever reason, labor could not progress, would it be better to lose your baby or even your life? The option of a CS birth is a blessing from God. Let's embrace it and even thank God for that alternative.

And on this note, we sign out from the CESAREAN SECTION AWARENESS STORIES!!! It's really been an insightful journey. We want to SPECIALLY appreciate these SUPER MOMS for choosing to share their stories with us and with the world. It's a strong and brave thing to do. Thank you so much, Mamas.

To all of our tribers who stayed glued to this series as well. Thank you so much. If you have any comment or anything to say to our Mama's, drop a comment below.

Peace out!

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